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Hi from Mishka, Neyla, Sasha and Issy call today for a chat ….

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Social Media Marketing

If  We have all heard the word “ Marketing “ and the words “ Social Media “ here at Web Cats we put them together along side your website to provide a method of engaging your potential clients in a manner that is both informative and sometimes fun. Social media isn’t just getting LIKES because LIKES don’t really mean clients that’s a miss conception.

Social Media is a proactive method of bringing potential clients to your website or products and services, allowing a two way conversation which can if managed be very rewarding and productive for your business.

It can and should provide a real time window into what is happening within your business that potential clients can engage with, it allows you to reach out with news letters, offers and by linking the platforms together like Facebook and Twitter to reach a potential audience of thousands at the click of a mouse button.

Here at Web Cats Design Studio and Internet Marketing we provide a complete service for all your social media marketing needs from as little as £ 40.00 per month and we will integrate this into your website, so boosting your potential client engagement.

Contact our staff for details, about our service speak to our clients they are the ones who can really tell you how well it performs and the great results they have achieved.

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